The work of PRAYAS is to a large extent based on the support from local volunteers. Depending on which program you join you will receive offers of participating in trainings or other forms of capacity building activities. We expect from you, that you are open minded and committed to try and make a difference for people in need. If you are interesting in joining PRAYAS contact the nearest local office.


If you have an interest in development issues, a relevant education and think you have something to contribute to the organization you are welcome to send an application regarding a traineeship to the head office, PRAYAS-Anjar. It is highly recommend first to take a look at the website and the annual report to get an idea about how the organization is working.

Prayas has previously received international trainees via the AIESEC exchange program and is also working together with a number of international NGOs. Prayas does not have funds to finance travel costs and other expenses related to going to India. What Prayas can offer, is the chance to get an understanding of how a NGO in practise is working and the unique opportunity of experience life in a small Indian city.