PROGRAMS: Community Based Participatory Natural Resource Management

PRAYAS has been engaged in watershed management and capacity building since the organization was founded. Under community based participatory natural resource management, PRAYAS has involved in 65 Villages for livelihood upliftment. Rapar is one of the most backward areas, inhabited with tribes with severe water scarcity and natural resources degradation problems, which is what the programs tries to solve. The program for community based participatory natural resource management has established resources for way- and water bodies, ponds, wells, check dams, irrigation facilities, (rainwater harvesting), soil fertility management, biomass and rural energy, augmentation of fodder availability and veterinary care for milk cattle. Further PRAYAS has aimed to secure restoration of handicrafts and bharat work that came to a stand still after the earthquake by the use of micro finance. PRAYAS has formed village development committees in all the five villages in Rapar with 30-50% of women participation to ensure gender equity. Watershed awareness programmes using audio and video spots has been in initiated. Baseline data has been collected for the check dams and designs are ready for renovation of four water tanks. Sites have been identified for farm ponds and repair of wells. Besides that one Roof Rainwater Harvesting Structures in each village as demonstration has been planned.